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With IBM portfolio we provide a complete range of storage devices combined with software-defined solutions for optimization and simplicity. 

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Blockstorage - IBM FlashSystem


IBM FlashSystem family efficient all-flash and hybrid solutions (with enterprise-class performance and functionality) gives you 100% access to your data regardless of your current solution. It is a one stop shop for your entire storage that will save you both time and money.

Managing, moving and storing large data volumes with great efficiency and enough performance to derive maximum value requires a modern IT infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities, from intelligent system optimization and powerful data reduction, through comprehensive security and encryption features, multicloud sharing and access, and, of course, ultra-low-latency flash storage.

The IBM FlashSystem family is designed to meet the full range of enterprise storage needs from entry to mid-range to high-end systems that extend to your hybrid multicloud storage deployments. All based on a common storage software platform that works seamlessly across all deployment types and also supports your existing storage estate, whether the storage is from IBM or many other vendors to efficiently meet the challenges of rapid data growth and constrained IT budgets.

The products in this family are at the forefront of the market regarding performance, availability and security. It is built and designed for the future. It is storage made simple.


More innovation, Less Complexity, Lower Cost

  • FlashCore & Storage Class Memory technology
  • Price & density efficiency
  • Enterprise class data services from entry to hybrid multicloud
  • Hybrid multicloud
  • Enterprise support

Download IBM FlashSystem V5000 Datasheet

Download IBM FlashSystem V7200 Datasheet

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Filestorage - Spectrum Scale


IBM Spectrum scale is a parallel file system, where the intelligence is in the client and the client spreads the load across all storage nodes in a cluster, even for individual files. In traditional scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), one file can only be accessed through one node at a time by an individual client, limiting performance and scalability. By contrast, the IBM Spectrum Scale architecture allows it to seamlessly handle tens of thousands of clients, billions of files and yottabytes of data.


IBM Spectrum Scale allows different applications or services to access the same data without moving or altering it. Data can be written and retrieved as either files or objects. Rather than use a copy and change gateway, IBM Spectrum Scale supports both protocols natively for higher performance and simplified administration. The common storage layer enables most IBM Spectrum Scale features, including authentication, encryption and tiering, for both object and file storage.


IBM Spectrum Scale includes integrated management tools and an intuitive GUI to help manage data at scale. The system can span multiple storage environments and data centers to eliminate data silos and “filer sprawl.” It can automatically spread data cross multiple storage devices—optimizing available storage utilization, reducing administration and delivering high performance where needed. IBM Spectrum Scale has multiple deployment options and configurations to incorporate current NFS filers, block storage and storage-rich servers into a global namespace with universal access. Its file system supports interfaces for file (POSIX, NFS, CIFS), object (S3, SWIFT) and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for in-place analytics. IBM Spectrum Scale is the  caretaker of business-critical data with the ability to replicate, encrypt, compress, and distribute data across different hardware platforms, systems and data centers.


IBM Spectrum Scale is available as

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