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The new world demands that you can share data between multiple applications, reuse the data for different business needs. Using a scale-out filesystem is a great tool for your data journey where you easily share your data between users and applications.  And a great tool to reuse existing historical and new data for future projects.


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With a Scale-Out Filesystem it's easy to create a large data lake that could grow to billions of files and share the data between multiple applications and users at the same time without limitations.

With a real Scale-Out filesystem you can build infrastructure solutions like Kubernetes, application, shared services and even virtual servers with high scalability and easiness to grow easy to grow when needed.

So Easy, So Secure

With a Scale-Out filesystem from Cristie you can mix and match hardware vendors and use NVMe, SSD, SATA, Cloud and even Tape as your primary filesystem, and tier data after needs and internal policies.
When using a Scale-Out filesystem you can let users, servers and applications read and write to the same file when needed and you can browse the filesystem as a normal Windows filesystem or a Linux POSIX file system without.

With Scale-Out Filesystem you protect your data not only with snapshot for fast RTO and RPO, you can also, fast and easy, detect what data that has been modify since the last backup and create a true Airgap of your data for ransomware protection.


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RedHat Ceph

IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum scale is a parallel file system, where the intelligence is in the client and the client spreads the load across all storage nodes in a cluster, even for individual files. In traditional scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), one file can only be accessed through one node at a time by an individual client, limiting performance and scalability. By contrast, the IBM Spectrum Scale architecture allows it to seamlessly handle tens of thousands of clients, billions of files and yottabytes of data.


RedHat Ceph Storage

Is a Open Source project that create a scale-out filesystem that can be presented as File, Block and Object storage under the same global namespace. RedHat Ceph is a great complement and a great start with consolidate all your data for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) project. Ceph is a software define storage platform that can be installed on any hardware and can massively scale to reach your storage need today. 



IBM Spectrum Scale allows different applications or services to access the same data without moving or altering it. Data can be written and retrieved as either files or objects. Rather than use a copy and change gateway, IBM Spectrum Scale supports both protocols natively for higher performance and simplified administration. The common storage layer enables most IBM Spectrum Scale features, including authentication, encryption and tiering, for both object and file storage.

IBM Spectrum Scale can be delivered as software only or combined with IBM Power Hardware and get the perfect match for performance. 

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