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The answer to modern data needs?
A high-performance scale-out file system

Businesses are creating, analyzing and keeping more data than ever before. The reason is simple: those who can deliver faster insights from data will be the leaders in their industry. So, what’s the problem then?

Within an organization, as well as in the cloud, separate islands of data are being created. This continuously escalates complexity and makes it difficult to manage systems. It also increases costs. As data need to be shared quickly between multiple applications, across the company, problems occur.

Unfortunately, today’s data access requirements cannot be met by traditional scale-up storage systems that can’t scale beyond a few systems. The good news? There is a smarter way to prepare for growing data needs in AI, big data and analytic applications and workloads – without wasting existing storage investments.


Positioning yourself for a data-fueled growth

With a scale-out high-performance global parallel file system, you can say goodbye to data islands. It ensures high data availability across the organization, enabling you to easily share data between multiple applications and to reuse the data for different business needs. Without any limitations.
Other than that, the solution helps you:

  •  Streamline cloud and on-premise storage management
  • Store massive amounts of data and scale up as you go
  • Meet the data, AI, ML and analytics needs
  • Optimize storage economics
  • Keep your choice of industry-standard hardware

Scale-out solutions for your business

Cristie is offering two different high-performance global parallel file system solutions, each with its specific advantages:


RedHat Ceph

IBM Spectrum Scale

Unlimited performance and scalability
IBM Spectrum Scale is a multi-protocol, high-performance, highly available, clustered file system and associated management software. It helps you manage data at scale; its architecture allows seamless handling of tens of thousands of clients, billions of files and yottabytes of data. This makes IBM Spectrum Scale well-suited for large organizations with a mixture of storage devices in a complex technical environment.


RedHat Ceph Storage

Scalable storage for demanding applications
Red Hat Ceph Storage is an open, scalable, simplified storage solution for modern data pipelines. With block, object, and file storage combined in a single platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage efficiently and automatically manages all your data and is engineered for data analytics, AI/ML and emerging workloads. All to help you go to market faster.



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